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A Guide to Using a Stud Dog Service

A stud dog is a male dog that is kept for the purpose of breeding. Browse available stud dog services in our dedicated category. A stud dog has not been castrated and will be able to mate with a female bitch in heat. The stud canines must be between the ages of 7 months and 12 years old, as well as healthy. 

Having a stud dog demands you to make difficult choices. 

It’s vital to learn what to expect from this experience before breeding your female dog or starting your own stud dog service.

What exactly is a “stud dog service”? 

The procedure of breeding a stud dog and a dam in heat is known as canine stud service. 

The male and female dog owners would need to have their expectations and terms spelt out in writing in a contract. They’d have to think about the breed requirements while also considering the welfare of both dogs.

What is a dog stud service and how does it work? 

Before employing a stud dog service or starting your own business, make sure everything is prepared and addressed. 

There are also concerns that need to be addressed before making a decision. If this is your first time breeding a dog, what should you expect? Do you have the facilities and financial stability to support a pregnant dog and her puppies if you own the dam?

Selecting the Best Dog for a Stud Service 

When breeding, mating canines should be chosen based on their compatibility. 

If you have a female dog, look for a stud dog that is a true representative of his breed. 

Those with studs should choose a dam who complements him the finest. But how do these things come to be?

Seeing an existing offspring can also give you a good indication of what to expect when you breed your dog with a potential spouse.

Is your stud dog good for breeding? 

You can’t only rely on your stud dog service’s popularity. It’s important to create a balance between advertising and customer service. When you reach a point where you’re swamped with dam owners, don’t be afraid to say no to some of them and boost your costs. 

Female dog breeders who are serious about breeding usually know what is and is not a reasonable number. Simply use caution while changing the pricing or cost of your stud dog service.

The frequency of breeding is another element that influences the quality of your stud’s sperm. 

Popularity is good since mating will be consistent, but make sure the canines you use as studs are tested every several months. If any changes or mutations to his sperm are identified, the next step is to figure out what’s causing the change.

Having your stud breed more frequently can have an impact on not just the quality of his sperm but also the likelihood of popular sire syndrome.

His genes are no longer considered uncommon and lovely if they are ubiquitous and everywhere. 

Two to four days before breeding is the optimal frequency for collecting sperm. It will aid in the removal of any dead sperm from the ejaculatory tract, as well as increase the quality of future ejaculations. 

For 3-5 days, a stud’s sperm can be collected daily. Remember to give your stud rest days so that his sperm levels don’t drop to dangerously low levels, which can harm pregnancy results.

The location and breed of the dam can assist you decide whether or not to breed your stud for a breeding balance. 

The main thing is that before offering your stallion for stud service, you are certain that he is above-average as a breed example.

 A stud dog service requires health exams. 

Natural or artificial insemination can be used to breed a dam and a sire. Both dogs should be evaluated regardless of which option is chosen. 

Owners should provide veterinarian certificates to show that their dogs are in good health.

A three-generation pedigree chart should be provided in addition to up-to-date vaccines. It will allow dam owners to check the male’s family history. 

Brucellosis is one of the health issues that dogs should be free of. It’s a bacterial infection that’s passed down through the generations through sexual intercourse. It can also make the bitch and stud sterile, as well as cause the puppies to be aborted. Every six months, males who are utilised as studs should be checked for this.

There are also hereditary conditions unique to each breed, thus the tests will differ. 

Contact your national breed club if you’re unsure what testing is required before going through the stud service.

What you should look for in a contract for stud dog services 

All of the terms discussed by the owners would be laid out in writing in a stud dog service agreement. The stud dog owner provides it, and both parties sign it if they agree and can keep their half of the contract.

Make a copy for your records and read it thoroughly. But what should be included in a stud dog service contract?

Stud Dog Topics & Listings

Fees for dog stud services are compensation. 

Early in the contract, the sum discussed is mentioned. Payment can take numerous forms in exchange for the stud’s labour and a guarantee of the female’s pregnancy. A stud fee can be paid in cash and ranges between $500 and $5,000. Of course, it would be contingent on how many champions the stallion has produced. Others might charge the same amount for a single puppy. 

Aim for the best for stud dog owners who wish to be paid by having first pick of the dam’s litter. Breeders want to create a dog that is healthier, stronger, and overall better than the one they are currently breeding.

There’s nothing wrong with getting a puppy instead of money. It’s a fantastic approach to amass a formidable herd of future dams and sires. It will also boost and promote your stud’s role. 

Puppies are the mother and father dog’s canine resume. A better lineage translates to a better CV, which leads to more job opportunities! 

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What does the dam owner get out of the stud fee?

Make it important to choose the puppy who appears to be the most promising, rather than the runt. The female will be bred 2 to 3 times during her oestrous or heat cycle in exchange for the payment of the dog stud service. As a result, the contract should include details

such as the breeding dates, location, and method used (natural breeding or artificial insemination). 

Another piece of information that should be included in the contract is when the choice will take place. By the time a puppy is seven weeks old, most stud owners have made their decision. Before they leave their mother’s house, in most cases.

Attempts and failures at breeding in a stud dog service 

The stud and dam owners should talk about how long they want their dogs to be with each other and come to an agreement. The service goes beyond mating; stud owners are involved in every step of the way. They should also ensure conception and a specified number of puppies, as well as provide care for the female and, if necessary, aid in the mating procedure.

The dam is taken to the stud dog’s site and will remain there during the breeding period, depending on the location. If an additional boarding charge is required, discuss it with the stud owner and include it in the contract. 

If this is your female dog’s first time mating, you might be enticed to stay and observe the process. 

Your presence can put the bitch at ease in such intimidating situations because she is removed from her environment. However, you must consider the possibility that the stud will not perform if there are strangers there.

 There’s a chance things won’t go as planned, therefore dam owners should have assurances in the contract that the dam will be looked after. Owners should also talk about what they’ll do if the bitch doesn’t become pregnant. 

In most cases, a notice period of 65 to 70 days is required. If the dam owner receives the notification of a non-pregnancy from the stud owner, but the stud is no longer accessible, a return service from another compatible stud is supplied. If they notify the stud owner outside of that time frame, the stud owner has the right to deny service.

If the breeding fails after the stud service, the female’s owner will not be charged for a return service the next time the dam is in season. 

Stud dog service contracts should state that it is the stud owner’s responsibility to take care of the paperwork and return registrations to the female’s owner for a successful pregnancy and birth. It should include the time and location of the mating, as well as the stud dog’s name as the father of the offspring.

If you wish to start a stud service, you’ll need the following items. 

Secure a crate for visiting dams, as well as a leash and muzzle, now that we’ve covered other crucial aspects of a stud dog service, such as an intact male dog, a contract, and health tests results.

Your time and attention are also valuable resources. If the dam owners or the new owners of your stud’s puppies have questions, you should be available. It’s preferable if you have a business card and the dams’ owner who used your service can give it to the puppy buyers.

You can advertise your dog for stud services in breed-specific journals, catalogues, and classifieds in addition to conformation events. 

Online advertising is also a viable option. There’s also a section where you can market your dog for stud service. 

Whether it’s the stud or bitch’s first time mating, they may want your assistance. Breeding isn’t as simple as it appears. The dogs cannot be left alone in the backyard or in a kennel. Females are not always receptive of the fact that they must be restrained by a leash or muzzle. 

Follow up with the dam owner four weeks after the actual servicing. Her female dog should be pregnant, and puppies should be born in around 9 weeks.

The dam owner should also offer you a copy of the names and addresses of those who bought the pups in exchange for the documentation. A Puppy Contract normally contains all details connected to selling or rehoming the puppies. 



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