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All listings expire after 4 weeks and it is free to re-list until sold. All listings are posted to our Facebook page.
If you need help with your listing call us on 0800908070

Your listing will be live for 4 weeks and it’s free to relist until sold.

* Your listing will also be posted to our Facebook page to increase visibility & reach.

* Does not apply to Pet Services, listings in this category are valid for 3 months. Stud dog listings do not expire.

Dogs & Puppies for sale / adoption in New Zealand

Dogs & Puppies

List your Dog or a litter of Puppies here! Listing fee is $29.

Cats & Kittens for sale / adoption

Cats & Kittens

List your Cat or a litter of Kittens here! Listing fee is $19.

Parrots & Birds for sale

Birds, Small Animals & Reptiles

List your Birds, Small animals (rabbits, Guinea pigs, mice etc) and reptiles here! Listing fee is $5.

Livestock for sale - cows, sheep, goats and more

Farm animals

List your farm animals (pet ponies, pet lambs, cows, goats etc) here! Listing fee is $5.

Stud Dogs & Breeders

Stud Dogs

List your Stud Dogs available for Stud duties here! Listing fee is $10. Listings in this category do not expire.

Kittens for Adoption / Puppies for Adoption

Rescue Cats & Dogs

List Rescue Cats & Dogs for adoption here! Listing fee is $15.

Pet Services Cat

Pet services

List your Pet Services here! (Dog walking, Grooming, Pet Sitting etc) Listing fee is $20. Your listing will be live for 3 months.