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Pets Aotearoa

Pets Aotearoa is a community tool where people seeking a feathered, furry or scaly companion can be connected with breeders and rescues. 

All listings expire after 28 days, it is free to re-list until sold. All listings are posted to our Facebook page to help you reach more people.

Our listing prices are as follows –

Dogs and Puppies $29  Cats and Kittens $19 Small animals $5  Farm Animals $19

Stud Dogs $10  Rescue Cats and Dogs $15

All pets can be listed for sale on Pets Aotearoa, from Parrots for sale to Kittens, Puppies and Lizards for sale. Farm animals such as cows, horses and sheep can be listed for sale in our Farm animal category.

Snub nosed breeds can also be listed with us, such as French bulldogs, British Bulldogs and Pugs for sale. So browse our categories to find your perfect pet for sale! 

Our concept when developing Pets Aotearoa was to create a community space where Kiwi’s are supported in their journey of finding the perfect pets for sale for their family.

So whether you are looking for the perfect pet or looking for a loving home for your pets/animals, we are here to help!

Try out our user friendly marketplace exclusively dedicated to Pets for adoption and sale.

We are 100% proudly Kiwi owned and operated. Want to learn more about us? Find us on Facebook for regular updates.

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