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Nov 12
Miniature Schnauzer Dogs and Puppies

Looking at adding a Miniature Schnauzer to the family? Browse our listings for…

Oct 29
German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies

German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies Looking for a German Shepherd Dog or puppy? Be sure…

Jun 08
Stud Dog Service

A Guide to Using a Stud Dog Service A stud dog is a male dog that is kept for the…

Jun 08

Looking for pugs for sale in NZ? Read this first! The Pug is known for having a large…

Jun 03
British/ English Bulldogs

All about British Bulldogs Don’t be put off by the British bulldogs fearsome…

Jun 03
French Bulldogs

Everything You Need to Know About French Bulldog Puppies The huge bat-like ears of a…

May 26
How to Pick a Puppy

How to pick a puppy or dog – things to consider: Those who want to get a new…