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welsh Partbred yearling filly

Asking Price: $1,250.00
Pallygem Neon Moon (stormy)

Chestnut filly

Born 8 No 2022

Sire: Nilloh Superstar

Dam: PG Pinot Gris

Sire of dam: Ascot Merlot


Stormy is the 3rd generation of ponies bred here at Pallygem. Her grand dam Ascot Princess was a wonderful lead rein and first ridden pony for a number of children throughout her life. She has a amazing temperament with children, as does her daughter PG pinot gris (stormy mum) and I expect her to be the same.


Stormy is currently registered with the society as a partbred even though she is a purebred. Her Sire, Nilloh Superstar is in the process of being upgraded to a stallion, even though he has been on sold. I didn’t want her to miss being in the correct studbook, so I registered her partbred with agreement to upgrade her registration to purebred, once her Sire is DNA. Sale agreement will reflect this. Due to my health issues I got a bit slack on the paperwork. Happy to show emails to show  she will be eligible for purebred upgrade.


Stormy has been lightly handled but not shown due to my health. She has not been floated but has such a calm nature, I don’t see this will be an issue. We will float her prior to sale if required.


Stormy is currently in whakatane on my run off block. She has a small white spot under her tail. It will not affect her in the welsh ring and is recorded in her rego.


Stormy will be sold with a sale agreement providing 90 option to return to stud if for any reason buyer is not 100% happy.


I do ask that purchaser’s of my ponies keep in touch from time to time as we love to hear how our babies are getting on as they grow.


Happy to provide photos of sire, dam and grandparents If required.

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