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Rescue cats

Asking Price: $60.00

**ADOPTION FEE REDUCED*** These beautiful babies need there forever home.Needing extra time an paitence to let them roam free inside there new home and they will be the most 🥰 loving, trusting furbaby 😻😻 Have had the roughest start to the beginning of there life and now its there time to learn that humans can be trusted an love them forever.

Micky $100

little sweet Micky he really had the hardest start nearly lost him several times but he wanted to be here he needs his forever home he’s approximately 12 weeks old microchip, desexed wormed and flead. he has the sweetest personality ever he’s short in the legs and round in the body loves his food loves to play and play with other cats kittens socialise with dogs and puppies he really needs that forever family💕

Both Rosie an Skye have been mummas and now there babies have found there amazing beautiful families its now there time 🤩

ROSIE: (girl)She has now got her condition back , put weight on eating great and her coat is now silky smooth with her beaming beautiful sunshine ☀️ yellow eyes. Shes learning to be held an patted but loves a scratch under the chin and behind the ears.💕 she deserves the best. Apporx 1 year old

SKYE: (girl)With her lean slender body ( vet believes she may have simease) and her beautiful encouraging eyes she is just wanting her own forever family. She has a strong character an determination .She loves to lie on the back of the couch or curl up somewhere high. She can be held and loves scratches behind the ears an Temptaions ☺️ she deseves a happy ending.approx 1 year old

JESTER: (boy)Jester & brother an sister all found in a bad way before Christmas has learnt to trust before his siblings. His fur is white an black again without the grease an dirt. He has a healthy appetite an not a fussy eater😌Loves to play with toys in the safety of his bed and can now be patted an ❤️a good scratch behind the ears and rubbing his nose he purrs 😻…. Will roll over for a tummy rub also. He needs extra time to wander through his new environment and begin to trust and receive the love of his new family. I then believe he will be the most loveable loyal furbaby you could ask for. If you have the time to give him space in you home but also time paitence to pat and be there for him he so well deserves this. Approx 8-9 months old If you have the home an love for one of these special babies please PM me .

* They have been raised in a busy household with lots of other cats & kittens, dogs & puppies so they dont feel afraid of any of this. All desexed, microchipped, wormed an flead. Adoption fee:$60 Location: West auckland-Massey

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