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Miniature Poodle x Pug Stud (Pugapoo)

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Ted is a 2 year old Pugapoo happy to offer his Stud services!

Ted is a proven Stud, he has produced one litter of 6 & they are a great mix of pug & poodle features, from the soft non-shedding curly coat, sweet little snubbed noses with a good sized snout, to the cutest little puggy tails!

Ted’s parents were a Purebred Fawn Pug & a Purebred Miniature Red Poodle so there are many different features that could come through his puppies dependent on the breed of the female he is paired with.

A Pugapoo is mix of Poodle & Pug & is not a very common mixed breed in NZ, the breed can vary a lot in appearance as well. Ted is a very loyal, fun loving & playful dog that loves to be part of all the action.

He is well socialised with Children and is used to cats, large dogs & other small animals. Stud fee open for negotiation I have added pictures of Ted as a puppy (in the grass) & a few of his puppies.

The mother of his litter was a Purebred Miniature Foxy.

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