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DNA+Health tested Siberian Husky for Stud

Asking Price: $2,500.00

Hi there, this is my handsome boy Apollo, he is a 2year old purebred dilute red Siberian husky with light amber eyes. He has a very thick medium plush coat. Apollo is fully DNA + Health tested, he is clear from genetic diseases associated with the breed, meaning he cannot produce any carrier or affected puppies. This is very important to ensure puppies will go on to live a full and healthy lifestyle 

Apollo has a fantastic nature, very kind and gentle, as well as being extremely friendly to everyone he meets

Apollo has produced 4 litters, all with great health and temperament. Although it depends on how many eggs your female releases on her cycle, Apollo has had litters ranging from as low as 5 to as many as 10

Apollo is carries two copies of the recessive red gene, as well as one copy of white. Meaning he can only produce reds & also pure white puppies (which are very popular due to being uncommon among purebreds) 

Stud fee is the agreed value of a pup. Which we can happily discuss. I require a contract to be signed prior to breeding to help protect each party. I also will provide you with authentically of his pedigree, with papers upon the arrival of the puppies (puppies with proven pedigree and lineage are very popular and prioritised over byb pups) 

Happy to discuss further with you, and if you would like to meet prior. Get in touch on 0 2 2 3 6 1 6 0 1 3 to secure your spot, as we only offer a select few breedings per year

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