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Guardian home opportunity!

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Guardian Home Wanted for Beautiful Female French Bulldog!

Are you a French Bulldog lover looking for a unique opportunity to bring a new furry friend into your life?
We’re seeking a guardian home for one of our beloved dogs!

As a guardian home, you’ll provide a permanent, loving family for one of our breeding dogs.
In return, you’ll get to enjoy the companionship of a wonderful dog and be part of our breeding program.

We’re looking for experienced dog owners who can provide:

– A stable, safe, and loving environment.
– Regular exercise, training, and socialization.
– A commitment to caring for your guardian dog for their entire life.
– Regular communication and updates with us.

In return, you’ll receive:

– A quality French bulldog at no cost.
– Priority access to puppies and other dogs in our breeding program.
– Ongoing support and guidance.
– The joy and companionship of a wonderful French Bulldog!
– Discounted food from our preferred brand, for as long as you remain a guardian home and stick to our recommended diet


– Experience with French Bulldogs or similar breeds.
– A stable, secure home with a fenced yard.
– Time to devote to training, socialization, and exercise.
– A commitment to caring for your guardian dog for their entire life.
– Regular communication and updates with us.
– You must own your own home or have written permission from your landlord to have a dog.
– A minimum of 2 years of residency in your current home if renting.
– You must live locally (within an hours drive) to our location to ensure easy access for regular check-ins, veterinary care, and breeding purposes.
– Your guardian dog must attend our designated vet clinic for all veterinary care.

Important Note:

As this is a big risk for us, we require a legally binding contract to ensure the welfare and safety of our dogs.
This contract will outline the terms and conditions of the guardian home arrangement, including but not limited to:

– The duration of the arrangement.
– The care and living conditions of the dog.
– Regular check-ins and updates.
– Breeding rights and responsibilities.
– Veterinary care and expenses.
– Termination clauses.

We need to trust that our dogs will be in good hands, and this contract will provide that security for both parties.

Apply Now:

If you’re interested in becoming a guardian home, please send us a message with the following information:

– Your experience with French Bulldogs or similar breeds.
– A description of your home and family, including other dogs or animals.
– Your availability for regular updates and communication.
– Proof of home ownership or written permission from your landlord.
– A copy of your rental agreement (if applicable).
– Your address and confirmation of local residency.

And, meet our lovely Guardian Dog:

– 1 year old female French Bulldog.
– Already (mostly) house-trained and fully crate trained.
– Walks on leash & harness.
– Knows several “tricks” like high fives.
– Playful, cheeky, energetic & great with kids!
– Perfect for those who want an older dog with a established personality.

Benefits of adopting an older dog like our Guardian Dog:

– Already partly trained, saving you time and effort.
– Less destructive and energetic than puppies.
– Established personality, so you know what to expect.
– No health issues, great example of the breed.

We can’t wait to hear from you and find forever homes for our beloved wee girl!

Please contact us either on Facebook “Kalresu French Bulldogs NZ” or by email –

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